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Musical Theatre Day Camp



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Ragamuffin Theatre & Company is putting on a Musical Theater Day Camp where kids ages 7-18 can explore their talents, gain new skills and develop friendships. Our goal is for each participant to experience God’s creativity and love in fun and exciting ways.

Our imaginations are one of the greatest gifts given to us and our team will encourage kids to tap into their God-given potential as they act, sing, and dance.

Ragamuffin founder Kathleen Whittaker will join a team of seasoned musicians, choreographers, and actors in developing each child’s skill set so that they leave the camp feeling inspired and energized – ready to jump into the new school year with confidence.

Participants will be required to arrive on time and dress in appropriate attire. Clothing should be fitted and not oversized, (dance wear is encouraged).  Hair should be neat and kept out of the face and jewelry left at home.  Please bring dance shoes if possible or socks.

Each student will be responsible for packing their own sack lunch. Please include healthy choices like fruit, nuts, proteins, and veggies. Sugary snacks and soda are discouraged as is gum and candy. We want your child to have lots of energy throughout the day so they can perform at their optimal level!

Use of cell phones will only be allowed when recording choreography, musical accompaniment, or for contacting parents.  Social media, gaming apps, etc. will not be permitted during camp.

Cost of the camp is $125 per student and covers all necessary supplies, props and/or costumes.

A showcase of talent will be presented on Friday the 18th at 1 p.m. All are welcome to attend.